About Me


I ponder as I wander. Just because I don’t always know where I am going, it doesn’t mean I am lost. Little things amuse me like how the rays of sunlight streak down through the clouds and dance on the water. I love the fresh smell of Spring and the dusty smell of Fall. I love the ‘reality’ of the woods where the only absolute is the sun rising and setting, which happens whether anyone is looking or not. Losing my house in a flood gave me the opportunity to re-evaluate life, priorities, simplify, slow down and enjoy life – in a cabin by the lake.

Prior to my current relaxed life style, I was a health care manager for over 30 years.  I was a state and national speaker throughout the country on topics that related to my profession of health information management.  I wrote mostly policy and procedure manuals, training material and privacy handouts.  My very first article that was published by a national magazine was in 2000. It was called “How to Manage with Fun”.  Even in my serious position, I knew a job could be ‘fun’ and I vowed to always work very hard at a job until it stopped being fun.  I had days that were stressful and downright not fun but overall, I loved my jobs and at the end of the week had to admit I was glad to be there and was appreciated for what I was doing.

My job of over 20 years was not fun anymore so I then jumped off the corporate ladder and decided to focus on ‘life’.  My first non-job related article was published by the ND Game and Fish Magazine “Nodak Outdoors” in 2013 entitled “Female’s Tree Stand Experience”.  Since then I have been published in various other magazines including North Dakota LivingDakota County and Gathers.   We purchased a lot for a cabin by a lake and  stories started coming forth I wanted to share – all because I now had time to ponder as I wandered!