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Gma Debi with Noah 6-20-16

baby Noah 06-20-16Here he is!  For those not on facebook, this is Noah Patrick Nelson, born 6-20-16!  I was in the delivery room and felt like I knew him from the many many weeks prior of hearing about his progress, seeing numerous ultrasounds and seeing his growth with Gyovanna’s belly!  He was very welcomed by his older two siblings – Liam, then 3 and Jace who is 2.  Such a privilege to hold a NEW born!Understandably, I was pretty happy to get back to my ‘normal life’ which is not quite normal as I am now unemployed.  I am getting writing projects done, along with the usual things like laundry (yes, my husband is NOW letting me do the laundry!), groceries and catching up with my other family in Minot – Lisa’s family!  We have had coffee on the porch at least once/week, lunches and even some kid-sitting for a few days while Lisa was at a class.  It is all good!

Red Sunrise July 2016This is the first sunset I saw from my dock.  Not only was the sky red (before 5:45 a.m!) but the water was also very red.  The sun didn’t show itself very long as clouds quickly moved in.  I am thankful I chose coffee and the sunrise over sleeping in this day!

So, it is upward and onward, looking for employment and writing.  My next ‘gig’ is the North Dakota State Fair for “Pride of Dakota” day.  I will be in the Festival Tent, located just north of the Kids Kingdom, book available along with many of my wildlife pictures put on canvas  or framed.  Stop in and see me if you are in the area!

Yesterday, I was looking at the gloomy skies and wondering what my future held and then, the clouds parted, and I ‘heard’ that still small voice tell me ‘it will be OK, just wait and see what is next!’.  I’m bouncing between “I got this – this is great” and “What the heck am I doing?”  Time will tell!

Baby animals should be coming out soon and I will show you this year’s crop!

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  1. Michelle Schwegler
    Michelle Schwegler July 18, 2016 at 12:01 pm |

    I definitely think “you got this! “. Endless possibilities.

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