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A Visitor to the Shoreline

As I was having coffee in the living room, I looked toward the lake and saw this amazing sight!  Eagle pairs are not unusual to see in our area.  On a recent hike in a Wildlife Management area, an eagle’s nest was spotted.  They are HUGE!  When canoeing we have been treated to a pair of eagles soaring high above the lake, their reflections on the water quite ominous.  Did you know an eagle is considered a scavenger bird?  I was a bit disappointed that such a majestic bird has such a lowly attribute.  They are magnificent and I look forward to having more in my camera lens!

Looking over the frozen lake

Looking over the frozen lake

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  1. Jeffrey Nelson
    Jeffrey Nelson November 22, 2014 at 10:32 am |

    Great pic! I love eagles!

  2. billy snider
    billy snider December 4, 2014 at 11:28 pm |

    That is interesting that we think the Eagle to be such a majestic/noble/prideful animal however it is a scavenger.

    I do like some of their hunting methods. This one where they flick a mountain goat off the side of teh mountain/the mountain goat dies on impact/ then he flies down to scavange is pretty ingenius and he accomplished much with little effort. Very kungfu -like

    Also , I do recommend thsi book by an English author. He had never written anything before, and, I don’t think he wrote anything after. But The Peregrine is a book once described to a room full of Spanish speakers – “You Must learn English just to read the beauty of this book.”

    The Author, J.A Baker spends ten years of hsi life observing The Peregrine – a kind of falcon. This is basically his diary as he spends every winter documenting his hunt/observations. Starting with his first sighting if it soaring through the air and the bold colors and the cool calculated killing. He’d start finding what they hunted, and followed the pigeons, and as the book goes on he becomes one with the peregrine. Even the tense of his prose changes from I to Us. It’s quite a nature book.

  3. Jeffrey Nelson
    Jeffrey Nelson December 24, 2014 at 8:29 pm |

    @Billy – that’s the weirdest comment I’ve ever read.

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